YAIDS uses a three value version number: X.Y.Z. The version number is a modified form of SemVer (Semantic Versioning).

Given the close dependency on Yara, the first version value maps to the compatible Major Yara release. While libpcap is another major dependency of yaids, libpcap maintains binary compatibility across releases.

The YAIDS version fields: YARA_MAJOR.MAJOR.MINOR (For example, 4.0.0)

  • YARA_MAJOR - The compatible Yara (Major) version
  • MAJOR - Incremented on significant changes
  • MINOR - Incremented on minor changes or patches

Releases that increment the YARA_MAJOR field are highly likely to be incompatible with differing versions of Yara. Releases that increment the MAJOR field may be incompatible with previous yaids releases. Whereas MINOR releases should be forwards and backwards compatible within the same YARA_MAJOR.MAJOR release family.

Note: At present, YAIDS is provided via rolling-release; that is, there is currently only a single line of releases. However, that may potentially change on the release of the next major Yara version.